Tips to Create Breakaway Banners for Your Favourite Team

Breakaway Banners

Sports and games are those every special event where we all love to celebrate and have fun. We enjoy not only having fun with our friends or family but also love to cheer for the team that we support. As the crowds are huge during such events and a lot of them are also covered on the TV, it is a very good idea to have something new and entertaining for the crowds like a loud and big breakaway banners.

These are cheap breakaway banners which are sure to get a lot of people to notice the nice banner and it will also entertain the crowds. Though football breakaway banners are the most popular, the other banners are also equally popular.

There are a lot of sport events happening these days at every nook and corner of the country. Hockey, rugby, football and basketball are some of the most popular games that we all love to watch and enjoy. For those who came later, a little about the breakaway banners. These banners are made up of a large crêpe paper and sticky-tape. They are hoisted before the start of the game at the entrance of the ground from where the players enter.

Breakaway Football Banners

They basically come out string and break through these banners, hence the name. As they are hoisted before each game, they reveal an encouraging or celebratory message to the team; as the players take to the field, they run through the banner, breaking it as the crowd cheers them loudly. This also throws light on the team spirit of the team and makes the crowd or the spectators also revel in the spirit of unity and sportsmanship.

The spirit of the game is decided on the basis of the crowds’ participation and the spectators decide the feel of the match. These breakaway banners are a great way to reach out to fans and have a great mass appeal. These banners are obviously meant to be torn, however they may carry a nice message. Here are the most common reasons to have a nice breakaway banner for your game:

  • Encouraging Messages: These are the most popular ones and they are fairly predictable inspiring the team to beat their opponents.
  • De-motivating Messages: This is to flare up the opponents and show you as a threat to them. These are particularly prevalent amongst the rivalries.
  • Celebrating Milestones: This is the best if the player or the team is celebrating a milestone or an achievement. In these circumstances, the banner will have the name of the player.
  • Advertising Events: one side of a banner will often be used to advertise upcoming events or the sponsors.
  • Here are some tips that you can use to make these banners on your own.
  • Cut banner paper into four equal-size pieces wherein all the pieces will represent one-quarter of the overall banner.
  • Lay the banner pieces on the floor so that they form one giant square, like a puzzle.
  • Now tape the interior edges of the banner paper so that the four large pieces are together.
  • Use limited tape in the center, as this is where the players will break in and pass through.
  • As you set the two wooden rods on each side of the paper; roll the edge of each side of paper over the wooden rods. Now seal them with a tape.
  • These act as the handles for the breakaway banner.
  • Now flip the paper over and decorate it. Paint the banner with such things as the teams or the clubs mascot, the team name, a team motto or other things that represent the club and will get the fans and players pumped up.
  • The banner needs to be stored carefully. For this, gently roll the banner in a loose role and store it until game time.
  • When the game is about to start, have the cheer squad or other spirited fans hold each side of the banner.
  • The team will break through the banner on cue.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to pump up the teams spirit and also charge up the spectators with these breakaway banners.

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