In The Spirit Of Giving Back, Use These Tips To Support Your Community During The Holiday Season

Even though small businesses may not be bound by the norms of corporate social responsibility, giving back to the community is a goal worth achieving. Giving back helps establish a deeper connection with your community by displaying care and compassion. It also offers a sense of belonging and earns your business a favorable reputation.

In the spirit of the holiday season, open your heart with these creative ways to support and give back to the community.

Join Hands With A Local Charity

Every year, about 3 out of 4 small business owners donate an average of 6% of their profits to charity – that’s 250% more than their large business counterparts. This figure illustrates the deep and far-reaching impact of small businesses. 

So why not start from here?

Find a charity that speaks to you on a personal level or aligns with your business objectives and find ways to support them. Monetary contributions and sponsorships are the simplest way to get started, but the opportunities don’t stop there. You can offer pro bono services or volunteer to strengthen their operations this season.

Host A Percentage Night

Percentage nights are a form of fundraisers that donate a fixed portion of the sales/revenue generated by a business over a defined period. 

As the name indicates, these typically last a day/night,  but you can extend it depending on your preferences. Most businesses donate anywhere between 10 to 25% of the sales, with some going as far as donating 100% of the earnings.

In order to maximize your impact, you’ll need to gain maximum exposure for the event, which you can do by promoting it via banners and social media.

Plan A Community Event

The holiday season is often packed with community events, and it might just be the perfect time to kick one off of your own. 

You can install vibrant banners with the help of banner stands to announce the next fundraiser or donation drive. Alternatively, you can focus on the simple goal of bringing the community together. 

Hosting events like “12 Days of Christmas” can cover an array of festivities such as partying, potluck, crafting, marshmallow roasting, caroling, and more to make the holiday season even more community-driven, fun, and joyous.

Businesses that have a notable online presence can also host virtual events to connect everyone near and far. Think Secret Santa and online candle making workshops.

Ink Unique Vendor Partnerships

If hosting a community event is putting stress on your budget or resources, you can always seek aid from a vendor. A strategic arrangement like this can provide exposure to the vendor partners and earn them goodwill in the process.

Of course, your goal should be to pick vendors that can complement your offerings. For instance, if you are a restaurant hosting a community Christmas lunch, you can collaborate with a specific beverage supplier for the festive drinks. Consider working with more than one vendor  for the entire holiday season rather than limiting your partnership to a couple of days.

Involve Your Customers

In addition to strategic vendor partners, your customers are your greatest assets that can boost the success of your efforts. After all, they are a part of the community! 

Encourage your customers to contribute to or participate in the events that you have lined up. Even small acts, such as raising awareness, sharing a social media post, or referring your business to others can amplify your contributions. 

As such, educating them on the impact that they will have on the success of the event will further motivate them to become active members. In return, you can express your appreciation by offering them discounts, mementos, and swag bags. 

Create Helpful Content

Creating meaningful content is a unique way to give back to the community. From tips and tricks for decorating and gift wrapping to traditional Christmas food and cocktail recipes, there is a wealth of content that you can circulate amongst the community members to enrich their lives. 

Consider sharing these through direct mail, flyers, and brochures, or publish them across your website and social media pages. You can even take engagement to the next level by transforming such content into free courses and workshops to help everyone.

Support Local Businesses

Local businesses support local economies, so it makes sense to support the businesses around you.

There are several ways in which businesses in different fields can come together for the benefit of the community. For example, stores can stock up their shelves with locally sourced or locally made products. Better yet, they can feature said items with pop-up displays that will put them in the spotlight. 

Every participating business can offer discounts to customers who show receipts of purchases from partner businesses. Using this opportunity to network can also pay off in the long haul as businesses band together and help each other out.

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