Creative Ideas to Design Birthday Photo Banners

Birthday Banners

Birthday is the time of year when we all love to get together and celebrate with our loved near and dear ones. We all want to have our birthday celebrations in the best possible manner and for that we love that all our dear people are a part of our celebrations. These days the themed parties are a rage which allow a lot of people be a part of your celebrations in style. This makes it mandatory for you to come up with new ideas for your parties every year.

Birthday Banners are a great idea to put up in your parties which will announce it to people that you are celebrating your birthday. Birthday photo banners are also a great idea if you have people interested in having photographs taken time and again. There are cheap birthday banners also available if you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on these apparatus for your birthday party.

Here are some creative ideas to make your birthday banner a success…

A Happy Birthday logo

This is a great idea to make your banner stand out amongst the others at your party. It is a great idea to have a nice logo resembling the true spirit of your party and also the person whom you are throwing the party for. The person will surely feel most awesome that he or she has been presented with a nice birthday banner which will give a nice start to the party. One can have the logo as they want in whatever colours they want. It is a good idea to co ordinate these colours with the ones in the party. The table cloths, napkins and the coasters or the cutlery can be the same color as the logo or the background in the banner.

Milestone birthday ideas

Milestone birthdays are very important ones in terms of celebrations as well as significance. However, one needs to know well in advance if the people who you are throwing the party for minds or not about displaying their age. Usually, 16,12, 21, 30, 50 and 75 are some of the milestone birthdays, but one can select the ones they feel are appropriate for their birthday celebrations.

Personal touch

If you are very close with the person you are throwing the party for, it is a great idea to add your own photos with them showing some special moments that they will remember. This adds a personal touch to the mood of the party and this also involves more number of people and makes them feel special. The banner can also have something personal to the birthday guy or girl if he or she doesn’t mind it.

Use zodiac signs or birthstone colours

It is a great idea to have a birthday themed zodiac display on the banner according to the zodiac of the birthday guy or girl. This will make it very interesting and the banner can also have a little message or advice for them according to the astrology. One can use the background color scheme resembling the birthstone colours to make the banner look attractive.

White space in banner for signing

It is a great idea to have a banner with a lot of white signs which will enable people to sign and also write their birthday wishes. This will act as a wonderful keep safe for them for many years to come. Also people will feel welcome as all of them can contribute in their own way in the party.

Framing the banner

This is important as the banner will look strong and noticeable due to the frame. It will not only fetch more attention but also look nice. One can have a plain simple wooden frame or a one which is coloured matching the theme of the party. This will highlight the frame in a nice way which will look better than the one without frame.

Outdoor signs

Make sure that your outdoor signs look great and also that they are reflective so that they are readable at night as well. An alternative to the reflective ones you can also have a light above them which will enable you to read the banner.

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