7 Reasons for Using Feather Flags as a Display Advertisement

In today’s busy business climate, standing out is vital for success. A potential customer will gravitate towards bold, eye-catching advertisements. One of the most effective mediums for broadcasting your business is custom made flags. These attention-grabbing installations are ideal for getting your business’s name out there without having to break your budget. 

Why Feather Flags are Great for Fall

Feather flags are dynamic features that react to the environment in which they are placed. With Fall winds at their strongest, a flag can come to life and become an energetic, impossible to ignore advertisement that will make a statement all season long. 

It’s crucial that you place your feather flags in a highly visible spot outside of your business. And always make sure that the flag is not hung too high. You don’t want passersby to have to crane their necks for a peek at your flag while they’re enjoying their Fall walks. 

Promoting OOH

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, also called outdoor advertising, is advertising that’s featured in public spaces outside of the home. There are a host of benefits to using flags as your go-to OOH advertising method. Brightly-colored flags are most likely to be noticed by the on-the-go crowd, which can help you reach as many people as possible.

OOH promotions are a time-tested method to get the word out. Since OOH has been in use for quite a long time, they are effective with every demographic. Your goal must be to increase awareness, build trust, and drive sales. OOH helps you achieve all of that with ease. 

Eye-Catching Design Tips

Something colorful and vibrant is necessary to draw pedestrian’s attention, and feather flags work wonderfully for this task. But in order for a flag to succeed in drawing attention, it must be designed with visibility in mind. This means using legible fonts, bold but not overwhelming colors, and unique designs for your flags. 

Detailed specifications are very important when it comes to custom flags, so don’t skimp on the design process. The fabric of the flag, the colors, and the shape and size you choose makes all the difference in the world. Make sure that you use only the best material for your custom teardrop flags.

Ways to Stand Out with Flags

The ways in which you implement your flags are just as important as the aesthetic design elements. Even the most well-designed flags will falter if they are placed in an inconvenient spot or used too infrequently.

Make use of your custom feather flags by installing them in strategic spots ahead of big sales, new products, or an in-store event. An added advantage is that flags are relatively easy to transport and can also be reused throughout the year for a variety of promotions and events. This has the added benefit of saving big on both costs and effort. 

Drive Higher Foot Traffic

Utilizing feather flags to draw in customers is one of the simplest ways to tackle foot traffic challenges. The more appealing your promotional flags are, the more likely it is that you will see more and more first time customers walk in your door. 

Building a good brand recognition is made simple with flags as they help to build brand awareness. As a business owner, you will want to spread the name of your business quickly and as far across the map as possible. This can be done by placing your flags at strategic locations where they can work to their full visual advantage. 

Feather Flags and Trade Shows: A Match Made in Heaven

Take trade shows, for instance. Along with banners and other promotional materials, feather flags should be utilized all around your booth or display to grab the attention of convention goers as they pass. A well-placed flag will give your booth the boost it needs amongst a sea of competition on the trade show floor. 

Finishing Up With Flags

The fall season is a wonderful time to think of ways to grow your organization and reach new and exciting goals. Planning a successful marketing strategy is never easy, but is essential for long-term success. 

Implementing feather flags alongside items like signs in your advertising arsenal is a simple, cost-effective advertising measure that you can rely on to draw in a whole new crowd of customers. So don’t hesitate- sit back, fly your flag with pride, and watch the crowds roll in!

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