5 Ways to Advertise Using Custom Table Covers

Custom table covers are a great way for companies to showcase their brands during promotional events, conferences, trade shows, and more. They are a cost-effective, versatile option for promoting your brand. Keep reading to see how your brand can advertise with custom table covers. 

Design Your Table Covers to Grab Attention

If you want to turn browsers into customers, the text on the table covers should be clearly visible and readable. Ideally, you want to showcase your brand logo, company name (if the logo doesn’t have it), tagline, and website. Keep in mind not to overcrowd the information. You can space out content across the front and sides as long as all sides are visible to passersby.

If you want to pinpoint specific products or services, use bright colors to attract attention. Just make sure your color choices eliminate any confusion. Also, it’s important not to select colors that overpower or camouflage your logo. Use large fonts that are clearly readable and simple words to convert casual shoppers to long-term customers.

Set a Stunning Table

Attractive table covers will draw crowds to your booth. A bare table at an event does not look appealing or professional, but a custom-designed table cover creates a polished and professional image. You can choose from throws, round-fitted table covers, open corner table covers, pleated table covers, stretch table covers, and many more designs.

Once you’ve selected the perfect fit, it’s time to merchandise your table. You can set your space up for higher sales by mixing table covers, banner stands, and brochures to create a uniformed and informative set up. 

Run The Perfect Product Demo

If you’re promoting a product or an offer at the event, table covers are an incredibly powerful advertising solution. Printing an image of the product you want to sell with some information like pricing and discounts is a great way to create product awareness and get people interested in your brand. 

Use directional signage to point people in the exhibit hall or store towards your set up. When they arrive, have product graphics and benefits printed on banner stands and custom table covers to set the stage for a professional demonstration backdrop. 

Market Your Table 

A well-branded backdrop is an essential marketing tool. If you attend trade shows or high-profile events, a custom tablecloth will promote your brand and reinforce your brand’s professionalism in any photos that are taken. These images are powerful advertising tools that can be used internally or externally to support your marketing goals. 

You can also encourage people visiting your booth to take a picture of themselves and share it on their social handles, and as long as your custom table cover is visible, your brand will get free visibility. This strategy positions your table covers and event set up as a recognizable landmark, which makes it easy for seasoned customers and new business leads to find you.

Build Brand Awareness From Anywhere

No matter where you are, your company should always be building brand awareness. 

Custom table covers let you maximize your space’s full potential. Tables are usually one of the first things passersby notice about an event space. Therefore, a well-designed custom tablecloth can help you convert browsers into buyers.

The best part is, table covers are easy to store and transport. When your event is finished, simply fold your covers and store them in a plastic storage container between events. When it’s time to set up, unfold your table covers and allow them to lay flat on the ground for a bit before placing them on your tables. This process keeps table covers pristine and wrinkle-free wherever your marketing strategy takes you. 


The right table cover can go a long way in supporting your brand visibility initiatives. Custom table covers are inexpensive and easy-to-use making them a fantastic option for your in-store andr on-the-go marketing strategies. Next time you need a custom table cover, keep these five considerations in mind. 

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