How Long Do Banners Last?

One of the most common marketing techniques involves storefront promotions with signage. Using banners is an excellent way to supplement your marketing strategy because this proven technique is cost effective and fully customizable. Knowing how long different banners last will help you select the best option for your business.

Take the following considerations into account to help you pick the right banner for your advertising needs.

Choose The Right Materials

Vinyl banners can last up to 12 years or more. You may use them as a temporary tool for short-term promotions or as a brand-building staples in stores or at events. Various factors determine the longevity of a particular banner. Knowledge of these factors will help you extend the life of your banners. 

The materials used to make your banners play an integral role in determining their durability. Vinyl or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is the best material to produce banners. PVC comes in various forms such as:

Calendered PVC – It has an average life of 3-6 years. Businesses that do not change their banners continuously use this material for their banners. 

Metalized Polyester and Fluorescent – This has an average life of two years. They are used for short-term purposes.

Cast PVC. – Cast PVC is the most durable material for vinyl banners. It lasts between 5 to 12 years.

Since most banners are displayed outdoors, they are highly exposed to sunlight. The UV inhibitors in the vinyl banner protect it from excessive sunlight. Therefore, using the correct vinyl for your banners is imperative. 

Size and Placement

The placement of your banner determines the size and weight of your banner. If it is out in the open, it needs to be heavy and oversized to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Whereas indoors, you need to keep it light and small in size. 

If your banner is too heavy, it will put unwanted stress on the stitching and reduce the life of your banner. If your vinyl banner is large and you place it in a windy location, your banner will get damaged sooner than expected. It can be avoided by adding wind pockets to your banners. Wind pockets are semi-circular cuts on the vinyl banner that allows the wind to pass through it. 

Printing With The Right Ink 

Most printing companies use wide format printers. These printers print images of a higher quality, making the colors more vibrant. However, the quality of the prints depends on the ink used and not the printer. So, fade-resistant eco-solvent and UV curable inks are the best options to produce high-quality print signage. These are used to print onto vinyl banners, cloth banners, and window decals. These inks are of higher quality and give your banners a long life. 

Caring for Your Banners

Vinyl banners are durable, but they are not indestructible. They collect dirt and dust over time. Properly cleaning your banners will prevent dust and dirt from compromising the clarity of your print message. Manually cleaning the surface with clean water and a light detergent is your best option. Avoid the use of corrosive and harsh cleaning agents and opt for dish soap or gentle detergent. Make sure you do not use excessive force as it damages the banner. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the material, you should lay it out flat to dry in direct sunlight.

Employ Proper Techniques

Wrinkles and creases are unsightly possibilities for banners. You can prevent both by keeping the banner taught while it is being dried or stored. If creasing does occur, you can iron your vinyl banners. Simply keep a wet cloth over the banner’s surface as you move the iron and the cloth over the wrinkled area. 

Make sure the surface on which you iron is flat and that your iron is on the lowest possible heat setting. You rarely have to worry about banners getting ripped. However, if there are small tears, it can easily be fixed by using tape on the underside or by sewing the tear back together. 

Get Long-Lasting Custom Banners

If you want your banners to last, buy the ones made of the correct vinyl and printed with the best inks. Looking after your banner is as important as purchasing the perfect banner if you want your investment to last. Choose the highest quality materials and inks for your custom signage solutions. When long-lasting banners are well cared for, you will be able to use them for many years to come and see an amazing return on your investment. 


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