How To Use Window Clings

Window clings are an attractive advertising tool that informs passersby of your brand and alerts them to any sales and promotions occurring in your retail store. Businesses often use window clings as brand logos, menus, promotions, artwork, and wayfinding tools. 

Window clings are commonly displayed on storefront windows or commercial buildings, restaurants, educational institutions, offices, sales floors, and more. Custom window clings are an inexpensive yet effective way to increase foot traffic, brand visibility and sales. Read on to learn how your business can use window clings. 

What Are Window Clings?

Images, graphics, and letters that you see on a glass surface, typically in retail stores, are called window clings or decals. Window clings are extremely durable, making them ideal for application on the inside or outside the glass window. 

Primarily, there are five types of window clings or decals:

  • Clear decals – A clear vinyl sheet is used for the printing of these decals. There is no visible background, allowing for the window to be completely see-through.
  • Opaque decals – A white vinyl sheet is used for the printing of opaque decals. These clings have a solid background and obstruct the view from the window.
  • Perforated decals – A perforated vinyl sheet (small circular perforations) is used to print these decals. The background is partially see-through but does not obstruct the view entirely.
  • Frosted decals – A sheet with a frosted finish is used for the printing of frosted decals. The sheets are either perforated or opaque, where a section of the sheet or all is frosted.
  • Vinyl lettering – Individual cut letters, numbers, and graphics adhered to the glass window.

Why Use Window Clings?

Here are some reasons why your retail store must have window clings installed:

Distinguished Brand Promotion

Marketing is all about standing out from the competition. Window clings, being easily distinguishable, boost brand awareness amongst a broader range of audiences. Window decals are highly customizable and let you be creative by adding your brand logo, themes, catchy fonts, designs, and more.

Generate Curiosity

Using fully-covered window decals generates curiosity among your potential customers. If you can capture the attention of passersby by your window display but are not revealing the contents of your store, they will be more inclined to walk in and feel enticed to make a purchase. 


Window graphics are an inexpensive way to tempt the eye of potential buyers and showcase products or offers with full-color graphics and images. Window clings can also get paired with other window dressings, including product display units and fabrics.

Flexibility and Recyclability

Window clings can be conveniently installed and removed from the glass panel, making them suitable for seasonal or promotional changes. Typically, window clings are made of recyclable material and can get reused over time for seasonal promotions.

Installation Steps

The installation of window decals is convenient and hassle-free and involves the following steps:

Step 1: Clean the Window Glass 

Window clings adhere to the window using static which is why you must clean the surface of dirt, grime, or dust to avoid air bubbles. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the glass since this material collects all residues and does not leave fibers behind.

Step 2: Placement

Precisely measure the intended placement of your window cling to ensure a centered placement. You can check the centered position of the cling by measuring and marking the placement position using a marker or tape.

Step 3: Application

There are two different hassle-free approaches for adhering window clings to the glass panel.

  • Dry – Place the decal on the window and rub it over to fix it in position. This approach might leave a few bubbles, which can be fixed by running a flat scraper over the surface. 
  • Wet – Window clings stick better and longer when the glass panel is wet. Wipe the surface with a damp rag or spray it with water before applying the cling. Roll the decal over the placement region from corner to corner.

Design Tips

Window decals can be just as effective at reaching your audience as custom banners. Balance professionalism, readability, and eye-popping graphics to deliver high-converting design for all of your marketing materials. Here’s how:

  • Background – If you have several elements placed behind the window, use an opaque or frosted cling. Use a clear one for minimal items behind the glass.
  • Colors – Ensure that your colors contrast with the surroundings and are vibrant and clear enough to distinguish from the background. 
  • Size – Measure the glass surface and perceive how far you can see the lettering and graphics to choose an appropriate size.
  • Lighting – Low lighting can cause problems when making out the graphics and letters of the window cling. You can add backlighting or spotlights in the front for better illumination.

Eye-Popping Placement

Owing to their durability against weather conditions, window clings can ideally be placed inside or outside the glass surface. You can install them on the display glass of your retail store to entice onlookers to walk in.

Window decals are some of the most time-tested forms of advertisement typically used for sales, events, seasonal promotions, hiring, renovations, and more. They can be removed and replaced several times, making them ideal for running short-term advertisement campaigns without overextending your budget.

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