No Parking vs No Standing vs No Stopping Signs

It is very important to follow rules while driving. One needs to follow all the sign boards along with the rules as mentioned by the government. Breaching these isn’t just illegal but also might cause accidents. One might need parking signs, no parking or any other signs related to the same. It is important to make sure that the signs are well made so that they look attractive and hence stand out so that the people would read the same. Cheap parking signs are the best way to reach out to people to let them know about the traffic rules. Parking signs should also be put up in a way so as to showcase and reach out to maximum number of people. Best of signs is your online portal for all types of cheap parking signs.

It is important to ensure that the right meaning is sent out and it isn’t misunderstood so as to avoid mishaps. Here are some common blunders due to such misunderstood signs.

No Parking signs

No Parking Sign

A lot of people pull over at No Parking signs temporarily to load or unload passengers or groceries, which is completely illegal. It will cause accidents as people will not be able to overtake or break. It might be possible at the curbside, but that needs to be checked as well. However, one needs to keep it moving, because this sign doesn’t permit the driver to leave the vehicle unattended for even a brief few minutes.

No Standing Signs

No Standing Sign

No Standing signs apply to unloading and loading people only, and not transferring goods. A vehicle can’t unload at busy roads as it will create havoc in the traffic. As a result one might need to put up this sign so as to stop people from doing the same. The important thing to remember about No Standing signs is that they are “people only” signs, and one should be clear while stating that in the message as well.

No Stopping Signs

No Stopping Sign

No Stopping signs are the strictest of all the above mentioned signs. These are put up at places where one can’t stand for any reason, to drop off or pick up passengers, to wait for people to arrive, or to load or unload goods. Violation of this sign is punishable by law. One can stop only during an emergency around this sign. One also needs to stop if they spot a police office. One needs to make sure to obey all traffic signals around No Stopping signs as it can prove to be lethal to ignore signs.

Best of Signs understands the most important things to put in your signs that would help you attract more number of people and also make them understand the message in a way that they can comply to the same. This will be very helpful and would help people to follow the rules in a better way. Please make sure that the messages are clearly written so that they are not misunderstood.

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