How to Hang Flags

Whether you want to displays your patriotism or decorate your home or retail space with custom flags, there are a few different methods for how you can hang your flags. There are even some customs are rules that must be followed if you plan to hang an American flag. This guide tells you everything you need to know about how to properly hang flags.

How to Hang a Flag on a Wall

It’s simple enough to hang a flag on a pole and hoist it up, but what if you need to hang your custom flag on a wall? There are a few approaches to hanging a flag on a wall. Depending on your space, you can use any of the following tools to hold your flag in place:

  • Grommets: Most flags have metal loops at the corners, called grommets. You can use push pens or screws to secure the flag to the wall at these points. If you use push pins, you will need to use a couple to make sure the grommets are securely fastened. If you are hanging a country’s flag, do not pierce or damage the flag. Custom says if this happens, the flag should be retired.

·       Adhesive Hooks: You can get adhesive wall hooks to hang up your flag as well. First, separate the adhesive strips, per the package’s directions. Press each hook into the wall according to the flag’s dimensions. Place the flag grommets into the adhesive hooks for secure application.

Proper way to Hang a Flag from the Ceiling

Flags look great when they are displayed from the ceiling, but taking your flag to great heights can be heard. These tools have serious staying power to keep your ceiling flags flying high.

·       Ceiling Hooks: You can attach ceiling hooks and put a wire through them to hang your flag on the ceiling. Before you install the hooks, measure the flag correctly and place markers on the ceiling accordingly.

·       Adhesive Hooks: Adhesive hooks are a clean and hassle-free option alternative to gluing or taping your personal flags on the ceiling. While you may be able to use glue or tape for lightweight, custom flags, adhesive hooks are a better option for sturdier fabric materials.

·       Screws: Heavy flag materials may require the use of screws to secure your flag on the ceiling.

How to install Installing Custom Flags in Store

Installing a custom flag in your store is a great marketing tactic. Hanging flags from the ceiling or placing them near end caps will draw a customer’s eye to the products you wish to promote. There are many installation methods available that can help you set up a flag in store.

  • You can use custom flag to draw attention to product displays. You can hang your flag horizontally, vertically, or like a banner. Consider ceiling height and the visual impact you want your flag to have on shoppers to determine which placement option is best.
  • Roof brackets also let you hang flags from the roof of your store or near its door.
  • Last, but not least, flagpoles are the simplest and most popular tools to hang your flag. If your exterior space has room, you can add a flag pole and display your flags.

How to Install Car Flags

Car flags have a certain flair and energy to them. You can use car flags to share team spirit ahead of game day or incorporate them into a festive mobile marketing strategy. Car flags are easy to install because they come with durable pole attachments that can be used with your car windows or na antenna.

Antenna Flag

Antenna flags generally have two rubber circles on the left top and bottom of the flag. You can stretch the bottom circle over the antenna and push it down to secure it. Then push the top rubber circle over the antenna and space them in a way that the flag remains taut.

Window Flag

A window flag generally comes with a pole attached to a plastic clamp. Install this flag on the window of your car. Roll down the window, slide the clamp in the middle, and hold the flag with your fingers on the interior part of the clamp.

Now, when you roll up the window, the flag will be secured in place. You can also buy window flags with vacuum clamps that have to be stuck on the car’s side.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging the American Flag

When you hang an American flag, there are rules and customs you must follow. Here are the do’s and don’ts of hanging the American Flag:


  • Hang the flag straight and taut.
  • Display the flag from morning to evening.
  • Display the flag in a place where it will remain safe and undamaged.
  • Choose durable fabrics for your custom flag, like nylon or polyester.
  • Shine a light on the flag when it is dark.
  • Retire your flag when it is worn down and get a new one.


  • Don’t hang the flag upside down unless you are in distress.
  • Don’t display the flag outdoors in bad weather.
  • Don’t choose fabrics that are very flimsy or tear easily.
  • Don’t make your flag touch the ground, water, or dirt while hanging.


Flags are a source of joy and pride to the one who displays it. They can also be a powerful marketing tool. However you use flags, make sure you use proper hanging techniques for maximum enjoyment.

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